Saturday, April 26, 2014

Glimpse into ENVIOUS

Spoiler alert! If you have already started reading, or are planning to read Envious...this might give something away. If you are okay with that, or want to know more, read on!
A sample from ENVIOUS:
I gasped for air. The roaring wind seemed to whip the breath from my lips. I took in some air…not enough. My vision was pierced by flashes of blinding light. I blinked wildly with rain pounding down on my face, entering my mouth, my nose, my eyes. I was sprawled in the mud in the dark. I tried to get up, tried to run. I couldn’t. I slipped again, my face slapping against the muddy ground. I felt a hand close on my ankle. Screaming, I tried to pull away, but it yanked me back, dragging me through the muck. I tasted the grit of wet dirt in my mouth. I spit and tried to breathe. Yes. I caught a break in the wind and filled my lungs with air. I wriggled through the mud and freed my leg from his grasp. Scrambling in panic, I whimpered like a sobbing child. I slipped and slid as I crawled across the wet earth. I found a patch of grass and pulled my weight to it. I heard him slip behind me, and saw the splash of mud and water fly through the storm. His knife glinted as it flew from his grip and disappeared into the darkness that surrounded us. I held the slimy grass in my fist and heaved, sliding forward.
A crack of lightning lit up the sky, sending flashes of light down on the earth. I pulled. The tuft I held gave way and ripped below my grip. My heart and hopes sank as I dug my fingers into the dirt and heaved again. I felt him reach for my ankle again, and I screamed. His hand gained a firm grip on my leg, through my under dress. He pulled at me, scrambled, slid, and cursed. My body slipped back towards him. The more he pulled at me, the more I slid and the more I screeched in a scared panic. I could feel my dress coming up above my knees as I slipped down toward him.
He pulled again, and my face hit the dirt. Precious dry dirt. My body had scraped so far down. Thick sheets of rain quickly washed the dirt to mud, but I found a good holding to hoist myself up. It was too late. His hand pressed on my back. His weight fell down upon my spine. My swollen stomach pressed into the earth. Breath escaped me. My lungs were choked. I had no room, no room at all.
I felt his slimy wet hands on my shoulders and his sharp breath in my ear. I heard him say, “I have you now.” He lifted himself off my body and dragged me up after him, pulling me to my feet and gripping me tightly around my waist. I scrambled to pull his fingers off me. His flesh tore under my nails, but his fingers refused to move. He dragged me through the corral, moving easily through the mud now, pulling me with him. The rain beat down on us and thunder erupted through the night.
He found his weapon, a sword tangled in a mound of soaked hay. He picked it up, despite my attempts to stop him. I grabbed hold of his sword hand, fighting him, trying to make him drop it again.
I spit dirt from my mouth and screamed through the rain, “Why?!! Why are you doing this?” I broke into sobs. “Stop it!! Stop it! No!!!” I screeched as I fought him.
He ripped his hand out of my grasp and I wiggled around in his hold to face him. Mud streaked down his face, rain poured over his features and through his hair. His light hair was now wet and caked to his forehead, face, and neck. His eyes were hard…cold, almost glowing in the darkness, those blue eyes I loved so dearly… Eric.
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Friday, April 18, 2014

ENVIOUS BOOK on facebook!

ENVIOUS now has a Facebook page.The page will soon be a great link to cool things like giveaways, news and signings.
Check it out! Like it! Share it!
Hmm, that's not too demanding, is it? 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Envious Reviewed by The Kindle Book Review

Great news! Envious has had its first review!

MaryAnn Breedlove of The Kindle Book Review recently posted her review of Envious. She gave four stars and a beautiful review. Here are a few quotes from her:

"The story will twist and turn you like vines around a're not sure which tendril will take you next."

"I slid over the edge of the cliff, feet dangling holding on for dear life; I am saved by a soon to be released sequel."

Thank you, MaryAnn, for the wonderful review!
To read the full review, visit the Envious page on or
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