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Envious Obsession Release Day is Here!

Envious Obsession is released! Find out what happens after Envious in this gripping sequel! Envious Obsession is now available on in paperback and Kindle eBook.

Link to eBook: Click here

Link to Paperback: Click here

Do you believe in reincarnation?
What about destiny?
How about love?
I did, but not anymore.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving...Envious Style

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! In the spirit of the holiday, and all the family drama that comes with it, below is teaser from ENVIOUS. It takes place on thanksgiving day. Sandy and her cousin Todd aren't the best at getting along...

I quickly dressed and tried to let my anger go before heading down the steps and walking out into the kitchen. The lovely scent of turkey wafted through the air and I breathed it in, enjoying every last second before I couldn’t smell it anymore.
“It’s not sex, it’s just turkey,” Todd said from the stove, annoyance still ruling his voice. “Not like you would know the difference.” He squatted down at the oven, baster in hand, squirting the turkey’s drippings over the oversized bird.
“What’s your problem, jerk?” I glared at him and he glared back, his gray eyes set hard like steel.
He looked away first, not willing to play the game and shook his head. “You’re such a bitch,” he muttered.
“Wanna say that to my face?!” I was pumped for a fight. That way, he would get mad or in trouble and sulk in his room for the rest of my visit, just like always.
Todd closed the oven door. “You know, Sandy, I’m really sick of dealing with your shit. Every time I try, you throw it back in my face. You and your freaking problems.”
I have problems? Excuse me, but I didn’t get arrested and spend time in youth prison. I didn’t get kicked out of my house because I was a demented, drugged-up bastard.”
Todd threw the turkey baster to the counter. It ricocheted off the wall and clattered as it hit the floor. His hands shook as he struggled to regain his calm. “Damn it, Sandy!” he yelled. “Do you think I don’t remember? I don’t need you to remind me all the fucking time.”
“I am sick of having to deal with you,” I told him.
“Sandy, when are you going to grow up? You’re eighteen years old.”
I crossed my arms in defiance. “And you’re going to be twenty-three. When are you going to grow up and move out?”
A look of sadness crossed his face as I gloated. Todd bent down, picked up what he threw, and placed it in the sink as he walked away. I heard his bedroom door click shut and I smiled, proud of what I had done. When he threw the baster, I thought I had won. Usually, that would be when he would storm away. He had held out this time, but I had still gotten what I wanted, in the end.
I walked into the living room, passing by Todd’s bedroom with my head held high. My grandma was none the wiser to my victory where she sat asleep on the sofa. The TV was on and I sat down to watch the Macy’s parade. It went to a commercial. I basted the turkey again and grabbed a fruit cocktail someone had made, filling a bowl for myself. I walked back towards the living room but paused outside Todd’s door. I could hear him breathing inside. Maybe I did push too much this time. Mom was sick of everyone always fighting on holidays. She would have a fit when she came home.
I decided I would fake an apology. I silently opened his door and saw him laying on his bed with his face pressed down into his pillows. He gripped the edge of one tightly. It was wrinkled from his massive sweaty hands.
“Todd,” I started before he cut me off.
“Get out,” he grated. His voice seemed strained, even through the pillow.
“Hey, I’m trying to be the bigger person here,” I said.
He sat up suddenly and hurled a pillow at me. It knocked my bowl to the floor, spilling fruit onto the carpet. He threw himself back onto his last remaining pillow.
“I was gonna eat that, jerk.”
“Too bad,” Todd muttered, rolling onto his side with his back to me.
“Well, you’re gonna have to clean it up,” I snapped.
“Whatever, get out.”

I kicked his disgusting pillow back into his mess of a room and slammed the door shut.

ENVIOUS is available in paperback and eBook on The sequel, ENVIOUS OBSESSION, will be released next month!

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Envious Obsession Cover Reveal!

Envious Obsession

The Envious Series, Book 2

December 2014

When you've lost your mind, do you know it?

Do you believe in reincarnation?
What about destiny?
How about love?
I did, but not anymore.


For years Sandy's life has been ruled by her visions. They led her to her soul mate, Eric. They warned her not to trust her childhood friend Aurora. But they were a lie.

She was on the verge of having everything she ever wanted. Just when she was about to have it all, though, it slipped through her fingers.

Sandy is sick. With this revelation, her world crashes in around her. Her visions are written off as hallucinations, symptoms of her illness, not memories of past lives.

But while she may not believe any longer, she is far from safe.

Aurora is not the kind person everyone thinks she is. She is dangerous and obsessed with Sandy, and Todd can't help getting caught in the crossfire.

Protecting his cousin Sandy once seemed so easy for him, but now it threatens to take away everything Todd fought so hard for: his sobriety, his sanity and his future.

The closer he gets to Sandy, the more danger they both are in. Still, he is determined to do whatever it takes to keep Sandy safe.

Release, December 2014
Available for paperback and kindle eBook
Exact date will be announced soon!

Thank you so much, and happy reading!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Envious Obsession, December 2014

Envious Obsession

When you've lost your mind, do you know it?

Sandy Whitmer has been haunted by her past lives. They consumed her current life. They led her to the one she loves and warned her of a danger closer than she could have ever imagined...

Envious Obsession, sequel to Envious, will be released December 2014. Check back for more information. I will be posting a cover reveal, a teaser, and the exact date the Envious Obsession will be available!

Thank you and happy reading!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Envy Continues

The sequel to ENVIOUS, titled, ENVIOUS OBSESSION, is coming soon! I've been hard at work formatting and getting the cover ready. So, soon, the wait will be over! Continue to follow Sandy in the Envious Series. And check back for updates on the coming release!

Thanks so much and happy reading!

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The time is now to get your free eBook copy of Envious. Visit from now through Tuesday, October 21. It's only free for five days, so don't miss out! 

Don't be envious, GET Envious!

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Free Promo Approaches

The Envious eBook will soon be free! I wish that I could make it free for longer, but can only hold the promotion for five days. Mark your calender. October 17-21, visit and download your free copy of Envious. You won't regret it. 
Sandy is in love with her best friend's boyfriend. And in their past lives, he loved her too. But pursuing a relationship with him would destroy her only friendship. Aurora doesn't deserve to be hurt by her best friend...or does she?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Envious Images

When I cannot write, and none of my stand-by remedies will break that writer's block, I create images. Here's one that kept me busy this weekend.
I love the cold colors. Sandy's life is in turmoil. She runs hot and cold with each new vision of her past lives she sees. They effect her deeply. And often she feels surrounded by darkness.

Quote from ENVIOUS:

I shivered as I made my way across the parking lot and back toward the dorms. I wished life could be easier. I wished that the feelings I felt whenever Eric was around would just disappear. It hurt so much to love someone, knowing they'd never love you back. It felt even worse knowing that he had loved me once, long ago. I cursed my visions. I cursed the day I started to believe them, and I cursed the way they made me feel.
I just wanted out.

And here's a short (very short) video I created for ENVIOUS. 

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 I'm letting you all in on a secret. A promo is coming soon. I'll keep you posted, so be sure to check back here, facebook, or 

I want to thank everyone who participated in the giveaway, and also congratulate the winner. It was another success and I am overjoyed at the response.


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It's on!

The second Envious Giveaway is on! Cue the marching band, toss you hat and dance like crazy! But only if you want, it's cool.
Here's the link:

And if you want to know more about Envious first, here's the first page. For free!


I think something’s happening to me. I keep having these dreams, these odd, amazing dreams. Sometimes I find myself wanting to sleep just so I can live in this other world in my mind, just slip away into it. I used to think everyone had dreams like these, but now I’m not so sure. They seem too important to be just dreams. They call on me without control, begging for attention. However, it’s hard to see what I need to. They seem so blurry…fuzzy even, like static on a TV. I’ve been searching through static.
I don’t know why I have these dreams, or even when they started, but the longer they continue the more I realize that there must be a reason. They must have a purpose. I think they may be visions, dreams of my past lives. No one knows about this. I haven’t told anyone. They would think I’ve lost my mind. No one will understand. No one can. Not even Aurora.
The more I think about it, the more I realize that I’ve always felt different from other people. I’ve always felt out of place. And now I know why. I live in two worlds, the past and the present. I know it sounds crazy, but I’m not crazy. And I know crazy; I’ve seen it. Crazy is my aunt. Crazy is my cousin. And I, Sandy Whitmer, am not crazy.

2000, TODD:
     Todd pulled his car up to the yellow house with the white porch. God, he hadn’t been there in forever. It was only vaguely familiar. He got out of his ancient Cavalier and stared at the house, weighing his mother’s decision. This place had to be way better than his home. 

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Giveaway Encore!

There was such a great response to the first giveaway, that I'm offering another! Enter at from September 12th through the 22nd for a chance to win a signed copy of ENVIOUS. Thanks so much!

Envious is a story about more than petty jealousy. Its about self-control, destiny, love and forgiveness.

In falling for Eric, Sandy never expected anyone to get hurt. She expected nothing. No love in return, no future with him. Only, their past had other plans for them. And so did Aurora.

I am not like everyone else. I have dreams, visions of past lives, that haunt even my waking hours. My past lives are filled with danger, deceit, and fleeting moments of love. And they are beginning to rule every moment of my present one. Since meeting Eric, they have only grown stronger. They are telling me something I cannot ignore: that he and I belong together.

I know it sounds crazy, but I can’t help believing these visions are real. There must be a reason for them. But what does it mean when they show me horrible things? What does it mean when they tell me not to trust my best friend?

I may not have much, not the greatest family or many friends, but I do have a best friend whom everyone adores. Aurora is kind, pretty, and popular, and we have been inseparable since childhood. Since she began dating Eric, though, things have changed between us. Aurora doesn’t deserve Eric, or my friendship.

But what if I’m wrong? What if I’m crazy? Is believing the impossible a sign that I am losing my mind, or could ignoring these visions be dangerous?

*​Contains mature language and themes.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

ENVIOUS reviewed by Kelly Smith Reviews

Kelly Smith Reviews recently gave ENVIOUS five stars!

For me, writing is easy, formatting is exhausting, and publishing is nerve-wracking. But, when a review is posted, I love to read it, because I know what I think about my book, but it's exciting to see what other people take from it. How they see it. What their favorite parts were. How they liked or didn't like the characters. It thrills me when someone is so engaged in my book that they have thoughts and questions that they want to share. I think it means I'm doing something right.

Well, Kelly Smith Reviews recently featured my book, Envious. Five stars is amazing! And the interview that followed had me giddy.

Here's two quotes from the review:

"Every so often, you come across a book whose story is so enveloping that you look up from reading to see that hours have passed without your knowledge.Envious, by Katie Keller-Neiman, is that book."

"...this is no story of simple schoolgirl crushes and jealousies."

Thank you Kelly!
Read the full review here:
Kelly Smith Reviews: Envious Review

Interview from Kelly Smith Reviews

I was recently lucky enough to be interviewed! My first interview! It was a very exciting and rewarding experience. I have to admit, I've never been so stumped by questions that I have unending answers to. Read a question...mind goes blank. It took a while, but I eventually managed to climb out of my hermit shell, cast aside my heavy cloak of shyness and answer the questions that I was so thrilled to be asked.

Here's some of my favorites:

3. What was the inspiration behind your novel Envious?

Envious happened so spontaneously, it was like magic. I can’t say precisely what inspired me, but one day, I just started to write it. I had no outline, no ending planned, no character bios. All that I had was a title, a “what if” statement, and an overactive muse. I had a very loose idea of what it was going to be, and the book grew from there as I wrote. I was just as surprised by the course it takes as anyone who reads it. 

4. Why decide to mix fantasy and psychology? That’s an unusual mix.

I have a deep love of and interest in psychology. The human mind is full of twists, turns and mystery. It’s like a puzzle. And fantasy amazes me. It’s a world without limits, where anything is possible. Whenever I reach for a book, it’s either fantasy or psychological. I love both genres, so it just seemed natural to combine them.  

6. Will we see these characters any more in future stories?

Absolutely. Sandy’s story is far from over. The next book, Envious Obsession, will be released in late fall.

8. What do you want young readers to take from the story?

Life is about change, making mistakes and learning from them. We all do it. Sandy does it too.

Thank you very much for the interview, Kelly!

Read the full interview here:
Kelly Smith Reviews Interviews Katie Keller-Nieman

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Sugar Ninjas 4 Released

Sugar Ninjas Book 4 has been released!

For those of you who don't know, Sugar Ninjas is an all female comic book anthology. Years ago, the great Bob Pendarvis realized the struggle that female artists face when breaking into the sequential art industry, and set out to do something about it. Thus, Sugar Ninjas was born!

Sugar Ninjas is comprised of illustrations, sequential art and prose. All female creators, and their contact info. The books are created not for the purpose of making wads of cash profits. It's intentions are to introduce the world to that vast talents possessed by female artists. We exist, and we are capable, creative, and inspired. And the book is super inexpensive. Book 4 is huge! I just got my copy in the mail today. It is a beautiful beast of a book. The art is stunning, the stories are great, and the variety is unmatched.

I am proud to say that I am a Sugar Ninja. My art and story "Serpent Cove" was included in Sugar Ninjas Sweet 3. And in Sweet and Spicy 4, I have various art illustrations and a sequential art story titled, "Precious Things."

Sugar Ninjas Sweet and Spicy 4 is available in paperback on Discover your new favorite artist and storyteller!
Find it on

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Giveaway Acknowlegments

The Goodreads giveaway of ENVIOUS has closed. I want to thank everyone for their interest in my novel. The response to the giveaway was incredibly exciting and I'm thrilled to have had so many entries, as well as people adding my book to their "to read" lists. Thank you so much!

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There's still time! Less than a week remains to sign up for the ENVIOUS Goodreads Giveaway! Three signed winners...awesome!


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Signed Copies Giveaway!

The giveaway has arrived! I'm giving away 3 signed paperbacks. Enter to win at!
Click here!

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New promo pic!

Check out the new pic! I included flames because...well if you read ENVIOUS, you'll know why.
I also want to thank all my readers, and especially thank my friends and family who have been crazy supportive, getting out there and telling everyone they can about the book. Jenn and Ben, you two rock!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Dirty Little Secret

            We all have secrets. The good, the bad, and the dirty. That’s how mine felt. Dirty. Wrong. But oh, so good.
              I had a need that I could not reconcile. It was as if something inside of me was shoving at my skin, struggling to break free. This force seemed to come out of nowhere, beginning randomly one day with a single thought that spiraled into a tornado. It was wild force of nature, unyielding to my will. I was instantly caught up in its power, spinning wildly with thrill, but to the outside world, the weather was calm. There was no storm raging that anyone else could see, because I kept it secret. Hidden. And it became my dark pleasure.
I would wait all day for those dark hours at night, when all the world was asleep, and no one would catch me. I would turn on the computer, careful that no one was looking over my shoulder, and I would write.
Writing may not seem like a major transgression to most, but it was near shameful for me. I wasn’t a writer. I was an artist. My circle of family and friends held writers, but I was not one of them. My medium was paint, pencil and ink. I was a storyteller, but only in the form of loose scripts to be fitted to artwork. Yet, I found myself waiting for brief moments to myself, a few hours weekly when I could slide into the seat before the family computer and indulge in my secret craving.
I didn’t understand the need, but I felt it slowly take hold of me, and my life. It was my passion, my release, and I needed it to get by. Quickly, waiting for free time left me impatient. I’d pace the floor, waiting for everyone to turn their backs. I’d watch over my shoulder, making sure that no one realized what I was truly doing on the computer. “Writing a paper for class,” I planned to say if I was ever caught. And I wasn’t.
My habit continued on for years in secret. It was my shame. How many times I’d told myself that I was no writer. I had no skill for it. I wasn’t good enough, I told myself. But something defiant stirred within me. I couldn’t stop myself from putting my fingers to the keys and pouring my heart and soul into something I was sure that I would never share with anyone. It was garbage, trash…but oh, how I loved it.
Finally my secret reached the point when I decided the time had come to confess. It wasn’t an easy decision, but the weight of keeping my secret had become a burden I wasn’t willing to maintain. Secrets had started to slip.
I remember the reactions I’d gotten when I finally came clean and told those closest to me what I’d been doing, the shock and confusion on their faces. I’d hidden my habit well. Too well. No one saw it coming.
But despite my “coming out,” I still had further to go, because I’d decided, I didn’t want it to be a secret anymore. I didn’t want a guilty pleasure.
I’d taken a step back, looked at my life, my passion and my creation, and I saw something good. And if the world disagreed, I no longer cared. Everyone was entitled to their opinion, including me. My opinion of my work was just as important as everyone else’s and I wouldn’t put myself to shame any longer.
The hardest thing I’d ever done was let that first manuscript out of my grip and place it into the hands of another. I waited, my mind readying excuses and lame apologies for my lack of skill, against my will. Some habits are hard to break. But once the waiting was over, I had my first fan.
Too often in life, we measure our worth by what others might think of us. We make excuses for loving things that we expect others to be incapable of accepting. We have an innate need to determine what others are thinking of us, but very often we are wrong. Sometimes the world’s reactions to our dirty secrets are so surprising that we wonder why we had ever held back in the first place.
What we become is of our own making. Don’t base yourself off of how others see you. And don’t tether your dreams for fear of not measuring up. Never lose sight of what you hold dear. Whether it is a love to write, paint, build, teach, or create, do not let the opinions of others hold you back, because the world of opinion is vast, and while some may disapprove and aim to put you down, others might not. In the end, all that matters is how you feel about yourself and your creation. Your opinion is just as valid as everyone else’s.

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Glimpse into ENVIOUS

Spoiler alert! If you have already started reading, or are planning to read Envious...this might give something away. If you are okay with that, or want to know more, read on!
A sample from ENVIOUS:
I gasped for air. The roaring wind seemed to whip the breath from my lips. I took in some air…not enough. My vision was pierced by flashes of blinding light. I blinked wildly with rain pounding down on my face, entering my mouth, my nose, my eyes. I was sprawled in the mud in the dark. I tried to get up, tried to run. I couldn’t. I slipped again, my face slapping against the muddy ground. I felt a hand close on my ankle. Screaming, I tried to pull away, but it yanked me back, dragging me through the muck. I tasted the grit of wet dirt in my mouth. I spit and tried to breathe. Yes. I caught a break in the wind and filled my lungs with air. I wriggled through the mud and freed my leg from his grasp. Scrambling in panic, I whimpered like a sobbing child. I slipped and slid as I crawled across the wet earth. I found a patch of grass and pulled my weight to it. I heard him slip behind me, and saw the splash of mud and water fly through the storm. His knife glinted as it flew from his grip and disappeared into the darkness that surrounded us. I held the slimy grass in my fist and heaved, sliding forward.
A crack of lightning lit up the sky, sending flashes of light down on the earth. I pulled. The tuft I held gave way and ripped below my grip. My heart and hopes sank as I dug my fingers into the dirt and heaved again. I felt him reach for my ankle again, and I screamed. His hand gained a firm grip on my leg, through my under dress. He pulled at me, scrambled, slid, and cursed. My body slipped back towards him. The more he pulled at me, the more I slid and the more I screeched in a scared panic. I could feel my dress coming up above my knees as I slipped down toward him.
He pulled again, and my face hit the dirt. Precious dry dirt. My body had scraped so far down. Thick sheets of rain quickly washed the dirt to mud, but I found a good holding to hoist myself up. It was too late. His hand pressed on my back. His weight fell down upon my spine. My swollen stomach pressed into the earth. Breath escaped me. My lungs were choked. I had no room, no room at all.
I felt his slimy wet hands on my shoulders and his sharp breath in my ear. I heard him say, “I have you now.” He lifted himself off my body and dragged me up after him, pulling me to my feet and gripping me tightly around my waist. I scrambled to pull his fingers off me. His flesh tore under my nails, but his fingers refused to move. He dragged me through the corral, moving easily through the mud now, pulling me with him. The rain beat down on us and thunder erupted through the night.
He found his weapon, a sword tangled in a mound of soaked hay. He picked it up, despite my attempts to stop him. I grabbed hold of his sword hand, fighting him, trying to make him drop it again.
I spit dirt from my mouth and screamed through the rain, “Why?!! Why are you doing this?” I broke into sobs. “Stop it!! Stop it! No!!!” I screeched as I fought him.
He ripped his hand out of my grasp and I wiggled around in his hold to face him. Mud streaked down his face, rain poured over his features and through his hair. His light hair was now wet and caked to his forehead, face, and neck. His eyes were hard…cold, almost glowing in the darkness, those blue eyes I loved so dearly… Eric.
Click here to purchase the novel!

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ENVIOUS BOOK on facebook!

ENVIOUS now has a Facebook page.The page will soon be a great link to cool things like giveaways, news and signings.
Check it out! Like it! Share it!
Hmm, that's not too demanding, is it? 

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Envious Reviewed by The Kindle Book Review

Great news! Envious has had its first review!

MaryAnn Breedlove of The Kindle Book Review recently posted her review of Envious. She gave four stars and a beautiful review. Here are a few quotes from her:

"The story will twist and turn you like vines around a're not sure which tendril will take you next."

"I slid over the edge of the cliff, feet dangling holding on for dear life; I am saved by a soon to be released sequel."

Thank you, MaryAnn, for the wonderful review!
To read the full review, visit the Envious page on or
View or purchase here!

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Envious Released!

Great news! Envious is now available for purchase! Get the exciting novel in print and e-book on!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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"Envious" will be coming soon. Check back for updates on the exciting novel!

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Welcome Readers!

Welcome to the blog dedicated to my writing, both sequential art and written word. Enjoy!