Friday, July 3, 2015

Summer of Free Reading!

Cue the trumpets, I have an announcement to make!
I love summer. Summer is a time for reading poolside, ocean-side, lakeside, riverside, and yes, even grass, pavement and carpet-side. In celebration of my love of summer and all things book, ENVIOUS will be FREE, (yes, free!) from July 15-19!

And as an added bonus, ENVIOUS OBSESSION will be on Kindle Countdown July 15-22! It will start out at only 99 cents, and gradually work it way back up to full price.

That'll give new readers a little time to read ENVIOUS, fall in love with he story and characters, and still catch a great deal on the sequel! And for fans of ENVIOUS, now's your change to catch the latest in the series!

Go ahead, get ENVIOUS this summer! Here: AMAZON
And get obsessed, with ENVIOUS OBSESSION! Here: AMAZON
Be sure to tell your friends, family, and (heck, why not) even strangers if you want to! Help me spread the word and I will be eternally grateful! I will repay your kindness in more awesome deals and books!

For those of you who don't know, here's a little about the story-line:

Sandy is in love with her best friend's guy, and if her vivid, waking dreams are real, she's been in love with him for centuries. 

Eric isn't anything like Sandy expected her sweet, though sometimes cruel friend Aurora to seek out in a guy. Her past lovers had been arrogant. Cocky. And without a care in the world for Sandy. But Eric sees her. And Sandy realizes that there's something different about him. Something that Aurora works hard to change. And that something is slowly winning, only to reveal just how dark and twisted a friendship and relationship can be.

What readers are saying about ENVIOUS:

"This novel twists around the characters and situations like vines creeping around a tree." 
-The Kindle Book Review 

"This is a book with vivid narration, a relatable and deep heroine and a great cast of secondary characters...this is no story of simple schoolgirl crushes and jealousies."
-Kelly Smith Reviews

"The author writes beautifully and with amazing detail. The story had me biting my nails and wondering what the next page held."
-Avid Reader

"This book and its predecessor could very well be some of the best novels of this generation.Katie Keller-Neiman's writing is addictive. You won't be able to get enough!"
-Kelly Smith Reviews