Friday, May 8, 2015

Light and Dark, Lost and Found, Life in the In-between

Light and dark, we all have it, in vibrant varying shades.Even the happiest, smiling people experience the darker emotions.

Looking back on recent posts, I realize I may have been a bit depressing. I apologize for that. My mood tends to be a few shades darker in the winter. But is that something that should be apologized for? How should I be? How should I act? When is it socially acceptable to have a rough day or week? Light and dark, we all have it, in vibrant varying shades.

Even the happiest, smiling people experience the darker emotions. The range of human feelings is incredible. Why should it be socially acceptable to only be a single one? It isn't natural to hide them away. We were given these emotions to be felt.

We all seek happiness, but to be eternally happy is impossible. Highs and lows come with life. In my writing, I choose to show it. The full range of emotions. They are all beautiful storms in their own right. Passion. Rage. Love. My characters feel very deeply, and aren't afraid to show it to the reader. I don't believe in glazing over the difficult emotions to tell the story. The emotions are the story. They are the building blocks, the foundations that build the characters whose actions build the story.

For some time, the darker side is all you see of my characters. They are swallowed by the lows of life, whether petty or severe. It is not in my nature, or my right to judge, or demand validation from those experiencing difficult times. We are each our own person, handling our lives as best as we can. What may be the breaking point for one, could be daily life for another. It does not make them weak or strong, but simply themselves. Unique from every other person in the world. No one should be expected to manage life in a particular way. We each have our own path, our own obstacles, our own help along the way.

ENVIOUS is a story of growth, and for that change to occur, there must be a starting point. I know many people may not agree with Sandy's or Todd's foul attitudes, but all will be told in time. All will be revealed. What you may not understand or agree with now, could become your reasons to love them, and the part within yourself that shares those same insecurities and worries. And that is what makes them and their story so real. Like us, they are imperfect. They are learning, growing and changing. And with them, I will change, and I hope some who read will learn from them and grow too. That is the goal of my writing. Understanding. Acceptance. And embracing the imperfections that make us all human.

"You've made that brutally obvious these past few weeks. You're not perfect. No one expects you to be. But that doesn't mean that you can't be a good person anyway." -Envious

"Now I was too proud? Who cares, I have a right to be proud, to stand up for myself." -Envious Obsession

"He was lost. Metaphor for his life. One big map with no road signs, just drive and drive. Drive? He looked at his gas gauge. He was running on fumes. Another fitting metaphor." -Envious Obsession

"Maybe it was best to let the water take him." -Envious Obsession

Envious and Envious Obsession
By Katie Keller-Nieman
Available in e-book and paperback.