Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Healing in Writing

There is something healing about writing. Maybe that's what made diary writing so prevalent. Words on paper are more easily sorted than emotions raging in the mind. In my life, writing has come to my rescue many times. Never much of a diary writer, I turned to my characters instead, pouring my insecurities and fear into them, and helping them to sort it all out for me.

Writing has a deep importance to my life. It keeps me going, and subsequently, my characters do too. They are as real to me as anything. They are my friends, and my strengths. I look at myself in times of despair, when I wallow so deep in my own self-loathing, and I think about my characters in Envious. Todd. Sandy. If they can rise against, why cant I? Why can't all of us rise? We can.