Sunday, January 10, 2016

Get ENVIOUS for Free!! Again!

It's that season again, free book season!
January 13-19, Envious will be free!
While Envious is free for Kindle ebook, Envious Obsession will be on Kindle Countdown, starting at just 99 cents!

I love hosting giveaways for Envious. I watch the ranking climb and fall with rapt attention. No giveaway I've done can match the success of the first, but I'm hoping this one will blow it out of the park! I need your help for this to work. I need friends, fans and readers who love a bargain to help spread the word. Please help spread the word in any way you can. Retweeting, sharing posts on facebook, standing on the bar screaming it out, telling a friend, making a recommendation...however you feel comfortable. :) Thank you so much!!

In other news:
Soon, the third installment of The Envious Series will be released. No date yet, but it is coming, and it's even going to have its very own party on facebook!

If you haven't visited the Envious Book facebook page, here's the link:

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There are lost of ways to keep up to date, and I'll be posting on all of them to announce the third book's party and release! I hope you'll join me! There will be games, reveals, and giveaways!