Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Video Series: About Envious

Character driven stories are my favorite, when it's not so much about the plot, but about what the characters do and how the plot affects them. The characters in Envious have strong personalities and tangled back-stories. Check out this video for some more information about Sandy, Aurora and Eric's story.

Like music? Sandy may not be crazy about it, but I am! So I put together a playlist on youtube of a few songs to get you in the mood for reading Envious.
ENVIOUS Playlist

Thanks! Happy reading and listening!

p.s. Envious will be only 99 cents for kindle until April 17th 2015!

Monday, April 6, 2015

It's Promo Time!

I wanted to give you all a heads-up. I love a good deal and I bet you do too, so the time has come for a 99 cent deal!

Starting this Friday, April 10, Envious, Book 1 in the Envious Series, will be on sale! It's only for five days, a kindle countdown deal, and the price will remain the same low, low 99 cents for the entire five days.

I'll be posting videos, images and excerpts all week, starting now, with this steamy scene from Envious:

“Come on, sit down. We can watch infomercials,” he laughed.
I looked for a chair. The stool by his desk was buried in clothes and notebooks. Eric’s hand patted the bed beside him. I cautiously sat down next to his reclining body. It felt strange to be so alone with him. In his room. On his bed.
Eric clicked on the TV, then hopped off the bed, nearly kicking me in the process. He pulled off his t-shirt, revealing his bare back to me. I almost had a heart attack. He wasn’t slim like I had always thought. His clothing had deceived me. He was muscular. His back was all rippling muscles and when he turned, his abs formed a perfect six-pack. He stretched his back out as usual, but it was much more sexual without the shirt. I had seen him stretch many times. I never imagined it could be more amazing, yet it was.
I turned my eyes away, hoping he hadn’t seen me gawking. The next thing I knew, he was resuming his position on his bed. I stole a glance at him and found he was now wearing a black muscle tank. He caught my gaze. I had to say something. “You changed.” Great choice of words, moron.
“Yeah, the AC here is whack. Too hot or too cold always. See anything you like?”
“What?” Oh no…
“The TV. It’s always boring of this time for night.” His slip of speech reminded me that he was drunk. I had almost forgotten. He lay back and rested his head on his pillow. Some stupid old show was droning on from the television. I could still hear the party’s music lightly thumping from down the corridor. Eric sighed and I dared not face him.
“Did you like the party?” he asked.
“Um…yeah.” Not. Actually I couldn’t be sure. It needed time to sink in. Maybe I would know tomorrow.
“Yeah, it was fun,” he said.
“Oh, really?” As a last ditch effort to change the awkward feeling I had, I decided to tease him. “I thought you said parties were stupid?”
“I didn’t mean it. Aworwa doesn’t let me go. Says I got no control.” Aurora… “I like parties.”
He sounded so cute, even through his drunken slur. “Me too.”
Eric sat up and turned the TV channel to “I Love Lucy,” then smiled at me. “I Love Lucy. Good stuff. Hey, relax, me su casa. Put your feet up, chill.”
I did. It was easier than trying to tell him I was too nervous to sit cross-legged on his bed.
“Yur funny,” he laughed, then bit his lip, as if he was nervous, or something else… “I don’t think you know that. You got good qualities.”
Suddenly I was so embarrassed. I felt like I could cry, though I didn’t know exactly why. “No, I don’t.”
Why did I just say that? Why did I tell him what I was so afraid that he might find out? Now he knew that I thought I wasn’t worthy. Now, I had helped him realize that I wasn’t. I wasn’t worthy of much of anything.
Eric shifted his body weight and looked intently at me. I dared not glance at him, just stared at the TV, but I could feel his eyes watching me.
“You have lots of good. You’re smart. You’re funny… and beautiful.” Did he really just say that? Was I dreaming? Was it real? “So beautiful…” he said as I felt his fingers brush against my face, causing my heart to skip a beat.
I glanced over at him, just as the bridge of his nose brushed against my cheek, ever so gently. I felt a harsh fluttering in my stomach. My body went hot all over. My fingers numbed as I wondered what was happening between us.
Eric’s lips swept over mine, sending a tingling sensation all the way down my spine, spreading through my body. Then he pulled his perfect mouth back and leaned his forehead into mine. His short bangs tickled my forehead. I could feel the heat of that kiss through my entire body. I didn’t know what to do. My body had ceased to function, and my heart pounded in my chest. My mind had turned to pudding and still he stayed. I looked helplessly into his eyes. They seemed so soft, so inviting. He swept his hand from my jaw, to the back of my neck. This time, when our lips met, my body came to life. My hand brushed against his waist, feeling the soft cotton of his shirt, feeling the warmth of his body radiating through its fibers. His other hand left the mattress and met my back, pressing my body closer to his. I felt myself melting at his touch. Butterflies rushed from my stomach to my heart, and then through my arms to the tips of each of my fingers. I wanted more, but…
This wasn’t right. I pulled back slowly from his tender kiss. Blood rushed to my brain. I felt dizzy, as though I was balancing on a cloud in a storm. I fisted the cloth of his shirt in my hand and focused on the dark weave.
Now I could think more clearly. I had brought Eric to the party to break up Aurora and his relationship, but I had never meant to hurt her. She didn’t deserve Eric, but I hadn’t meant to…
She didn’t deserve to be hurt by a friend. Especially not this friend, her lifelong friend, her best friend.
“Eric, I have to go. This was wrong.” I cast down my eyes as I left his room, feeling utterly ashamed. I had put my trust in silly visions and not in reality.

Aurora and I have our differences, but this can only lead to ruin.