Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cassandra Has a Secret

Cassandra Annabelle Whitmer, Sandy as she's called by most, has a secret. The dreams that haunt her sleep aren't like most people's. They are of another time. Lives she's lived, dating back to the middle ages.

"I don't care if it's normal!' I yelled through dry tears. I spoke harshly, hoping my words would penetrate his thick skull, 'I know it's real."

But none of that matches the secrets that have been kept from her by those closest to her. Her past lives were filled with danger, and deception. And her visions of them point her to the truth about her past, her present, and her future.

They also point her to Eric, the gorgeous guy she's been trying to forget. Her dreams refuse to let her. He's more than just her best friend's boyfriend, more than the man she secretly loves. He stands at the center of it all.

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