Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving...Envious Style

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! In the spirit of the holiday, and all the family drama that comes with it, below is teaser from ENVIOUS. It takes place on thanksgiving day. Sandy and her cousin Todd aren't the best at getting along...

I quickly dressed and tried to let my anger go before heading down the steps and walking out into the kitchen. The lovely scent of turkey wafted through the air and I breathed it in, enjoying every last second before I couldn’t smell it anymore.
“It’s not sex, it’s just turkey,” Todd said from the stove, annoyance still ruling his voice. “Not like you would know the difference.” He squatted down at the oven, baster in hand, squirting the turkey’s drippings over the oversized bird.
“What’s your problem, jerk?” I glared at him and he glared back, his gray eyes set hard like steel.
He looked away first, not willing to play the game and shook his head. “You’re such a bitch,” he muttered.
“Wanna say that to my face?!” I was pumped for a fight. That way, he would get mad or in trouble and sulk in his room for the rest of my visit, just like always.
Todd closed the oven door. “You know, Sandy, I’m really sick of dealing with your shit. Every time I try, you throw it back in my face. You and your freaking problems.”
I have problems? Excuse me, but I didn’t get arrested and spend time in youth prison. I didn’t get kicked out of my house because I was a demented, drugged-up bastard.”
Todd threw the turkey baster to the counter. It ricocheted off the wall and clattered as it hit the floor. His hands shook as he struggled to regain his calm. “Damn it, Sandy!” he yelled. “Do you think I don’t remember? I don’t need you to remind me all the fucking time.”
“I am sick of having to deal with you,” I told him.
“Sandy, when are you going to grow up? You’re eighteen years old.”
I crossed my arms in defiance. “And you’re going to be twenty-three. When are you going to grow up and move out?”
A look of sadness crossed his face as I gloated. Todd bent down, picked up what he threw, and placed it in the sink as he walked away. I heard his bedroom door click shut and I smiled, proud of what I had done. When he threw the baster, I thought I had won. Usually, that would be when he would storm away. He had held out this time, but I had still gotten what I wanted, in the end.
I walked into the living room, passing by Todd’s bedroom with my head held high. My grandma was none the wiser to my victory where she sat asleep on the sofa. The TV was on and I sat down to watch the Macy’s parade. It went to a commercial. I basted the turkey again and grabbed a fruit cocktail someone had made, filling a bowl for myself. I walked back towards the living room but paused outside Todd’s door. I could hear him breathing inside. Maybe I did push too much this time. Mom was sick of everyone always fighting on holidays. She would have a fit when she came home.
I decided I would fake an apology. I silently opened his door and saw him laying on his bed with his face pressed down into his pillows. He gripped the edge of one tightly. It was wrinkled from his massive sweaty hands.
“Todd,” I started before he cut me off.
“Get out,” he grated. His voice seemed strained, even through the pillow.
“Hey, I’m trying to be the bigger person here,” I said.
He sat up suddenly and hurled a pillow at me. It knocked my bowl to the floor, spilling fruit onto the carpet. He threw himself back onto his last remaining pillow.
“I was gonna eat that, jerk.”
“Too bad,” Todd muttered, rolling onto his side with his back to me.
“Well, you’re gonna have to clean it up,” I snapped.
“Whatever, get out.”

I kicked his disgusting pillow back into his mess of a room and slammed the door shut.

ENVIOUS is available in paperback and eBook on The sequel, ENVIOUS OBSESSION, will be released next month!

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