Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Envious Images

When I cannot write, and none of my stand-by remedies will break that writer's block, I create images. Here's one that kept me busy this weekend.
I love the cold colors. Sandy's life is in turmoil. She runs hot and cold with each new vision of her past lives she sees. They effect her deeply. And often she feels surrounded by darkness.

Quote from ENVIOUS:

I shivered as I made my way across the parking lot and back toward the dorms. I wished life could be easier. I wished that the feelings I felt whenever Eric was around would just disappear. It hurt so much to love someone, knowing they'd never love you back. It felt even worse knowing that he had loved me once, long ago. I cursed my visions. I cursed the day I started to believe them, and I cursed the way they made me feel.
I just wanted out.

And here's a short (very short) video I created for ENVIOUS. 

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