Sunday, March 22, 2015

Envious Book 1 Quotes

Envious is the story of a frustrated college girl, reincarnated, and suffering from past life visions. She's finished living in her best friend's shadow. She's tired of being alone. And she wants to be with the guy she's been dreaming about, even if it destroys her.

Quotes from Envious, book one in the fantasy romance series, The Envious Series:

"No matter how I felt about her, one thing never changed. She didn't deserve Eric. Not now, not ever."

"Sandy, when are you going to grow up? You're eighteen years old."

"'You've made that brutally obvious these past few weeks. You're not perfect. No one expects you to be. But that doesn't mean that you can't be a good person anyway.'"

"'I don't care if it's normal!' I yelled through dry tears. I spoke harshly, hoping my words would penetrate his thick skull, 'I know it's real.'"

"Lies and secrets are going to be absolutely necessary."

"I was no longer human. I was pure fire."

"There was no way I was letting go, no way I was leaving without him, no way I was letting him get 'screwed all night.' Especially not by that guy."
"It was dark and somehow the darkness drew us near. I felt dangerously close to him, and alone with him. I saw the look pass his eyes. He felt it too...This was a place we should not be. Together. Alone."
Read the novel series: Envious Series, by Katie Keller-Nieman to learn more about Sandy's peculiar situation. Paranormal psychological mystery romance.


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  2. Jealousy is a very bad thing and very harmful and insecure feeling to us. Thank you so much for the nice article. Here are jealousy quotes for your satisfaction.

    1. Thank you. My series deals with jealousy and the many harmful forms it can take in life, and also with the evolution from living in envy, to taking charge and going after what you want. Thank you very much for sharing quotes! :)