Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Springtime Book Savings

It's that magical time of year again...


Here's the run-down:

Envious: The first book of the Envious Series will be free from March 30th-April 3rd.

Envious Obsession: Book 2 will be on Kindle Countdown from March 30th-April 3rd, with the price starting at 99 cents, going up every few days during the promotion.

Envious Existence: For the first time ever, The third book in the series will be on sale from March 30th-April 3rd.

Find links to Kindle and Paperback edition here: 
Enjoy the sale! And as always...

Happy Reading!


  1. When will the next book be out??

  2. Thank you for asking! It's hard to say when for sure right now, but it looks like early to mid 2018. I wish it was sooner. This one's so good, I'm even getting impatient for the release!